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03 September 2006 @ 11:31 am
The blog has moved!

Please check out the new locale at: http://masokotanga.unicornbreak.com/blog
23 August 2006 @ 08:39 pm
I'm in a beatles mood lately. Today's post features some microscale Homeworld MOCs by Brickshelf user Kero40. They're pretty ugly in some aspects, but they still somehow charmed me in to featuring them.

It's a "Middle Sized Tactical Enforcer Carrier", an everyday M-Stec. Poor photography unfortunately. The feature that first grabbed me on this was the candy cane on the front; I'd attempted this before on my Olympus but it looked like a boring candy cane - this candy cane on the other hand is chunky with odd sharp edges! This shape seems to hark back to the chunk look given by the concept art for homeworld. I'll be taking this idea for future candy canes. Another neat thing is the use of multiple engine grills, not sure what they're supposed to be - but they look neat! There's little more cool things on this, aside from the big hanger - somehow looking at it as a whole, it just seems right. Maybe I'm crazy.

A much better build than the former. The "Capital Hospital SpaceShip" is also better coloured. The Candy cane isn't as cool though. Not much to say here, awesome shape. So check 'em out.
08 August 2006 @ 10:57 am
A lot's been happening over the past weeks. Seen a friend I haven't seen in many months, got my G1, and might soon have a job! Today's entry is an older one...not too old, but not new. Andrew Horvartits made this a while back. He's an awesome builder, his creations are always new and nothing seems repeatitive or reused. I think this was his first stab at microscale space, and with help from people on flickr it turned out nicely.

First of all, I love the use of Toa feet as engines. Older bionicle feet seem to be perfect for engines. The little detachable fighters are neat too, in fact I used the idea on my Titanus. This ship is really a good hunk of greeble. The colour scheme can be patchy, but that doesn't seem to phaze this at all, it still pulls through with a clunky industrial style.
20 July 2006 @ 10:43 am
Bricklink order coming in tommorrow, yeah! Just got some more little bins and spent a good couple hours yesterday sorting and reorganizing. I should get pictures of that. I also just ran out of brasso, damn. The title for today is in reference to a Smith's song, which I heard first as a Stars cover. Enjoy today's feature:

Dual mircoscale battleship's for the Plutocracy of the Suns by Brickshelf user Helico. The part that pulled me into these was the great colour schemes. Blocked out perfectly, it makes the ships look better, even if the build isn't the best.

A smooth topside hull and chunk bottomside greebs best describe this ship. There aren't enough pictures for me to tell how exactly the builder angled the top side hull, though several techniques come to mind that would produce that effect. The minifig hands as guns make me wonder if the builder has taken some inspiration for myself or some other builders I know that use that technique. There isn't much to say on this ship, there is definitely a lack of pictures available for such a neat looking MOC. The technique isn't the best I've seen, but the builder still pulls it off and makes an awesome ship. It appears to be the only space on his b-shelf, sans an odd looking mecha. Keep an eye on this one!
13 July 2006 @ 07:36 am
Been a good while since my last update. I've begun to notice a great wave of lego space blogs all doing the same thing. I don't like this. To combat this, I'm going to concentrate the future of this blog on Microscale space that I find inspirational. Chances are I'll post a bunch of other stuff as well - but the focus will be on Microscale. So for first entry, I present Isaak's Fuji Battleship:

The fuji is the lastest in an arms race between the Federation Advance and the InterGalactic Republic. Built to counter the Federation's Lancaster and Emperius, more so the emperius. After a small start with the Kilimanjaro gunship, a boost was given in the form of my Olympus Dreadnought and it seems to have set him off in the right direction. The IR now has five ships in their colour scheme with modern weapon assortments: The Himalaya Battleship, The Saber Corvette, The Kilimanjaro Gunship, The Olympus Dreadnought, and the Fuji - I've been calling it a battleship for lack of a given term. The Federation has a great number of older designs, but they've all been outstriped by advances in technology. Time to build!

Onto the Fuji, it's definitely Isaak's best Microscale so far. After the less than hoped for Kilimanjaro, this was a great ship. Let's start from the front shall we? A gun that looks like it would fit in as an AA gun more so than a massive cannon, adds a great amount of distinctiveness to this ship. The two prongs that hold the gun and more greebs are a favourite design concept of mine, I used them myself a while back in a microscale carrier. As mine were filled with nothing between (for good reason) Isaak has filled his with a great variety of greebs. The guy's got a Katana in there for goodness sake. He's got a great deal of greebs on the bottom bow of the ship, including a hole which if I remember correctly was a Hangar entrance - I can imagine little fighters pouring out of there, might be a tight squeeze though. Moving on, the Bridge has a simple elegance to it, making sure that it really doesn't stick out of the design at all; and it uses that curved slope I've been wanting to use, and have infact ordered for said usage. Next we have the wonderfull side greebs and gun batteries, carved very well into the side of the ship. I'm not sure I like the 2x2 circle bricks uncovered as they are. The Aft of this ship is where the magic lies. The interesting use of slopes to shape the hull is simple and effective, and gives perfect opening to the massive turbiney looking engine that looks like it could drive the ship into a different dimension.

Overall the Fuji is a great representation of Isaak's style, and his skills. Be sure to check it out.

Gallery Link
14 May 2006 @ 09:46 am
Remember Mike Yoder? There's an article about him down the page, showcasing his work up until that point. Well Mike, who's been a great inspiration for microscale - a style often underlooked. I've been building microscale for as long as I've been building LEGO; I just don't have enough of a collection for minifig scale ships larger than fighters, its just a simple fact. So it's great to see someone build in that style and bring so much attention to it! There's been a recent swell (however small) in mircoscale building, and its great because I can look at other work and steal and modify things - a great way to improve.

So onto today's feature - Mike Yoder's Ridleys Station, a low-orbit refueling depot:

A great idea. Building cruisers is common in the theme, but rarely (if ever) do we see locales. It was good seeing this evolve, from basic frame work to ever so more detailed versions until this. The key factor is that this all seems believable, nothing looks out of place or wierd. He's got all you might need on such a station - greenery, a dry dock, a cargo yard (yay!), living quaters, a bridge, landing pad, mechs, a train service! It's all there. And better yet, it's in use!

This is by far one of my favourite creations, the ultilitarian look is pulled off - the mixing of bleys and greys works. I'm gonna cling on to the fact that I inspired him to do microscale. Now to plot how to topple his monopoly of the style.
22 April 2006 @ 04:34 pm
Har har, no real main focus of today's entry, just some loose ends and some small tid bits.

Check out the new 3vil flagship by the Grand Admiral, the Asmodeus
T3h hotness.

In other news, some on CSF may have read the spacewerks topic I made on the subject that I was in the middle of making a stop-motion lego film which is basically a parody of Radiohead's Just video. I'd like to keep everyone in the loop, that it's still alive, and will infact be completed this monday when I get back to photography class. With any luck, it'll be uploaded to google video, and/or youtube that day and will be viewable within a week. It was a helluva lotta work, but it's finally coming together!

After the video, I have to make a jack white bust (from the fell in love with a girl video) for friend - so I'll be not so spacey for the next little while. In terms of lego anyways, as I'm also planning out a comic (drawn) to go along with some of this year's story material. I've always been interested in sci-fi, and in truth lego has only been one extention of my ideas. I figure it should be some good practice if I want to do something along the same lines after all that edumacation stuff.

That might take a while though, as I'm also trying to make up a logo for a friend's band. Vector art! It should look pretty hots when it's done, but it'll take some good'ol hard work as well. On top of this, I'm try to work some concept work for another friend's half-life mod. So I've got my plate full; in fact I've just ruined the table on which that plate was sitting....oh poo.

Keep checkin' back for more!
06 April 2006 @ 07:11 pm
Update! It's been a while, a lot's been going down. The new CS is up, pretty spiffy - though I'm still waiting for the revised black board theme, I'm growing fond of the light khaki one. A message to those reading this who may not be regulars at CS, there's been a recent Flickr revolution in the community, it's ability for comments and notes placed on the images has made it a favourite for WIPs and to a limited extent finished projects. Check it out, you may see things not revealed elsewhere.

Onto today's feature, Brickshelf user Flicker404 (total coincidence I swear) has made a neat Star Wars influenced creation:
The Shadow caster III (ooh!). A very interesting shape, the canopy plays into this wonderfully. The build goes along with the shape, and it's pretty well done. However, I think suffers on the colour. The grey seems splattered all over, and the mix of light and dark grey doesn't seem to work well. As well, although the canopy is a neat idea, it's execution could have been better, and the cockpit suffers from this too. All in all, it's a very neat concept, and that's something I'm always looking for when reviewing or just viewing MOCs - you may build good, but if your idea's suck, then it's all for not.
11 March 2006 @ 06:29 pm
Long time with not a word. Bad time for really eye catching MOCs I guess. Just a WIP from me today:


Some sort of lightly armed trainer. See the flickr page: here
11 February 2006 @ 02:19 pm
Just a bit of news for today before I get started. Be sure to check out my new website: Masoko Tanga. It won't replace this, so if that would have inclined you to panic - don't. Still building it up, so check often for more updates!

Onto to the feature:

Gallery through first thumbnail. This neat little X-pod themed after my very own Federation Advance is by .Space veteran Arpy (real name: ???). I enjoy looking at X-pod MOCs, as it's a neat way to create several models using a very limited part supply and get away with it - mind you, quality outmatches quantity in this case, and always should. All three of the models are pretty cool shapes, making me want to possibly expand on them with minifig models in the future, if Arpy isn't going to. The construction is well done, utilizing SNOT on a small scale to help craft the overall shape of the ships. Very neat, great inspiration for minifig scale stuff!
03 February 2006 @ 05:10 pm
I was beginning to go crazy there. Exam week it is, only had one on monday so I've had the rest of the week off! So with all this time I was hoping to update this thing more, but there was just nothing on brickshelf recently that caught my eye. So, an update with older stuff about a newer story...wha?.. Mike Yoder, or Mryoder on CSF has recently done up a History of the Altair Fleet, a bit of background info on his own factiony-thing. Since I haven't previously blogged any of his work, I thought I may as well do it now.

Gallery through first pic. The first ship, the Altair Voyager is clunky old freighter. And it really does look like a spacey huge version of today's 18-wheelers. Everything on the outside seems to be in the right place, and with the exception of the relativly sparse looking rear it's a well rounded model. It isn't much in my style of building, so I can't recall it really caught my eye when it first came out.

The Altair Avenger. A fighter that definatly carries over the clunky look of the Voyager, and yet pulls it off. My favourite part on this is the canopy, and the outer parts of the cockpit - don't get me wrong, the inside is awesome too - they look like they could have been pulled right off an Apache, without being a direct copy of course. Overall the different parts to the fighter seem to make it look less like a lego creation, and more like a well structured fighter craft - this is most seen in the main body behind the cockpit if you ask me, which you didn't but as your reading this that's pretty well the same concept.

My personal favourite of the three mentioned here, the Altair Intrepid. Though it may not be apparent, I can see that Mike's improved since building the Avenger, and the Intrepid is made a great model because of it. The gleaming white with hints of red show off some pretty points to the creation, and the grey comes into the areas where the real buisness takes place (namely the engines and warheads). The ship pulls off an unusual shape, and does it well. That brasso'ed JSF canopy is quickly becoming as popular as those PCS Bay Windows. This ship's got a great load of SNOT, and it's nicely integrated to the point where it seems that it would look out of place if the studs were facing up.

I'd do more, but I've remember how long these take to write. So be sure to check out more of Mike Yoder's work, and keep an eye out for him in the future!
29 January 2006 @ 09:43 am
Ok, I'll admit some (no, all) of my past updates have been very scarce on the commentary, seems I'm just relaying brickshelf galleries without giving my own opinions. Um..so, I'm gonna try and not do that now. I'll try and give some witty commentary like they do on Golden Shpleem. So my first find for the day is the final product of a WIP on CSF, a troop transport from the winner of the Voidfighter contest.

Gallery - I love the look of this, everything seems to fit together very nicely, and nothing seems overly out of place. The use of bionicle feet for engines is a great idea, they're pre-greebly looking already! The harnesses for the troops (armed with?) are very nice, look like a slab of heavy duty computery. The gun turret, while the builder doesn't like it all too well, I think it fits in with the overall design very well and although nothing that stands out like a Giddens gun it works for what it is. THe nose is a great mass of SNOT, and although it leaves one wondering where the pilot goes, one could always asume the whole thing is computerized. The non-vibrant colour scheme is pulled off well, although a splash of colour may have been a welcome addition.

Next, just a WIP shot of a friend's fighter:

I like the fighter so far because it goes against the concept styles he's used before, partly because it's based off concept art, but I hope he'll continue to follow a style more fitted to this. Another neat thing is that its a big fighter, I never was a fan of the tiny little space fighters people make because they really don't look realistic - or look like they could really put up a decent fight. This thing is one big SOB, and has the firepower to show it. I like the greebs spliced in along the nose, and the nose in itself is a cleanly SNOTed piece of work. Some part of me needs a large fin right on the back there, so I'm hoping for one. I'll have to suggest it to him, but those pylons on the sides would make great drop pods for fuel, or bombs even.
Musical Influence: The Go! Team
27 January 2006 @ 10:51 am
Yay, an update of my own ships after what seemed to be an eternity.

See my Moc Pages to comment, and for a little bit of commentary from me. Leave a comment here if you please as well.
Musical Influence: Radiohead
18 January 2006 @ 09:10 am
A large brickshelf find for today. Actually saw it a few days ago, but haven't had time to update.

All I can say is that it's one b-i-g SHIP.
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06 January 2006 @ 08:27 pm
First update post-contest! I could be off and on for the next little while, I gotta fix somethings in my personal life and depending on how that goes I could traffic here less often. The update for today is a fighter(or a pair I should say) I found on B-shelf, which was then later posted on CSF.

The smooth construction can make you wonder if it's even lego in a few shots. Not really much to say on this one, I believe it speaks for itself.
Musical Influence: The Strokes, again
01 January 2006 @ 12:53 pm
After about a week of judging, the first Space contest of this blog and the .Space topic on Bzp has a winner!

I'm leaving the placement of the other two a mystery, since we've(Tom and me) agreed that due to the number of enteries the remaining places aren't important, and the whole thing was for fun anyways.

Kudos goes to Organic Matoran's double cockpit - a feature of the Arrow not easily seen, ironic because OM did his entry before the theme was announced. IXI's was a great build, but suffered on the concept side of things. Another Kudos to TT for unbeknowingly making his ship the shape of that on the Classic Space logo.

Thanks to all for entering, a tip of the hat to Arpy for trying. I look forward to another contest, not for a little while though. This gives you time to think of themes and try and butter me up towards them.

Until next time,
26 December 2005 @ 02:41 pm
Hope everybody's holidays are going well, just two concept gallery updates for today.

General Spartacus, and a new bomber concept. Bomber concept is heavily based on a fighter concept from the classic space concept galleries.
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23 December 2005 @ 04:12 pm
Some neat little craft from Brickshelf today,

Brickshelf user Comic created this craft from the movie Nausica and The Valley of the Wind, which was a good anime film about a princess, some giant bugs, and a toxic forest...there were also some tanks in there. The models are simple and cleanly built, and are very close to those in the movie. My fave is the glider, and for those who know the movie I hope there will be a gunship model(from the valley, not the one already there) in the future.

Contest closes next day! Quite early in the morn' for me, so hope I sleep in.
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18 December 2005 @ 11:33 am
The contest deadline looms, so I thought best to give the exact times of the closing.

Contest closes December 24, 10:00 pm Eastern Time US&Canada
Now can you guess the judges? After the deadline, judging will be done over several days and some decision should be reached shortly after the 28th. Judging will be done by Brenden Wilson and Tom Buckland.

Please continue to post enteries into the original contest post, which is only a few posts down the list here.
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