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01 January 2006 @ 12:53 pm
Contest Winner!  
After about a week of judging, the first Space contest of this blog and the .Space topic on Bzp has a winner!

I'm leaving the placement of the other two a mystery, since we've(Tom and me) agreed that due to the number of enteries the remaining places aren't important, and the whole thing was for fun anyways.

Kudos goes to Organic Matoran's double cockpit - a feature of the Arrow not easily seen, ironic because OM did his entry before the theme was announced. IXI's was a great build, but suffered on the concept side of things. Another Kudos to TT for unbeknowingly making his ship the shape of that on the Classic Space logo.

Thanks to all for entering, a tip of the hat to Arpy for trying. I look forward to another contest, not for a little while though. This gives you time to think of themes and try and butter me up towards them.

Until next time,