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29 January 2006 @ 09:43 am
The Update of updates  
Ok, I'll admit some (no, all) of my past updates have been very scarce on the commentary, seems I'm just relaying brickshelf galleries without giving my own opinions. Um..so, I'm gonna try and not do that now. I'll try and give some witty commentary like they do on Golden Shpleem. So my first find for the day is the final product of a WIP on CSF, a troop transport from the winner of the Voidfighter contest.

Gallery - I love the look of this, everything seems to fit together very nicely, and nothing seems overly out of place. The use of bionicle feet for engines is a great idea, they're pre-greebly looking already! The harnesses for the troops (armed with?) are very nice, look like a slab of heavy duty computery. The gun turret, while the builder doesn't like it all too well, I think it fits in with the overall design very well and although nothing that stands out like a Giddens gun it works for what it is. THe nose is a great mass of SNOT, and although it leaves one wondering where the pilot goes, one could always asume the whole thing is computerized. The non-vibrant colour scheme is pulled off well, although a splash of colour may have been a welcome addition.

Next, just a WIP shot of a friend's fighter:

I like the fighter so far because it goes against the concept styles he's used before, partly because it's based off concept art, but I hope he'll continue to follow a style more fitted to this. Another neat thing is that its a big fighter, I never was a fan of the tiny little space fighters people make because they really don't look realistic - or look like they could really put up a decent fight. This thing is one big SOB, and has the firepower to show it. I like the greebs spliced in along the nose, and the nose in itself is a cleanly SNOTed piece of work. Some part of me needs a large fin right on the back there, so I'm hoping for one. I'll have to suggest it to him, but those pylons on the sides would make great drop pods for fuel, or bombs even.
Musical Influence: The Go! Team