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03 February 2006 @ 05:10 pm
Altair, the Yoder story  
I was beginning to go crazy there. Exam week it is, only had one on monday so I've had the rest of the week off! So with all this time I was hoping to update this thing more, but there was just nothing on brickshelf recently that caught my eye. So, an update with older stuff about a newer story...wha?.. Mike Yoder, or Mryoder on CSF has recently done up a History of the Altair Fleet, a bit of background info on his own factiony-thing. Since I haven't previously blogged any of his work, I thought I may as well do it now.

Gallery through first pic. The first ship, the Altair Voyager is clunky old freighter. And it really does look like a spacey huge version of today's 18-wheelers. Everything on the outside seems to be in the right place, and with the exception of the relativly sparse looking rear it's a well rounded model. It isn't much in my style of building, so I can't recall it really caught my eye when it first came out.

The Altair Avenger. A fighter that definatly carries over the clunky look of the Voyager, and yet pulls it off. My favourite part on this is the canopy, and the outer parts of the cockpit - don't get me wrong, the inside is awesome too - they look like they could have been pulled right off an Apache, without being a direct copy of course. Overall the different parts to the fighter seem to make it look less like a lego creation, and more like a well structured fighter craft - this is most seen in the main body behind the cockpit if you ask me, which you didn't but as your reading this that's pretty well the same concept.

My personal favourite of the three mentioned here, the Altair Intrepid. Though it may not be apparent, I can see that Mike's improved since building the Avenger, and the Intrepid is made a great model because of it. The gleaming white with hints of red show off some pretty points to the creation, and the grey comes into the areas where the real buisness takes place (namely the engines and warheads). The ship pulls off an unusual shape, and does it well. That brasso'ed JSF canopy is quickly becoming as popular as those PCS Bay Windows. This ship's got a great load of SNOT, and it's nicely integrated to the point where it seems that it would look out of place if the studs were facing up.

I'd do more, but I've remember how long these take to write. So be sure to check out more of Mike Yoder's work, and keep an eye out for him in the future!