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22 April 2006 @ 04:34 pm
This Must Be The Place  
Har har, no real main focus of today's entry, just some loose ends and some small tid bits.

Check out the new 3vil flagship by the Grand Admiral, the Asmodeus
T3h hotness.

In other news, some on CSF may have read the spacewerks topic I made on the subject that I was in the middle of making a stop-motion lego film which is basically a parody of Radiohead's Just video. I'd like to keep everyone in the loop, that it's still alive, and will infact be completed this monday when I get back to photography class. With any luck, it'll be uploaded to google video, and/or youtube that day and will be viewable within a week. It was a helluva lotta work, but it's finally coming together!

After the video, I have to make a jack white bust (from the fell in love with a girl video) for friend - so I'll be not so spacey for the next little while. In terms of lego anyways, as I'm also planning out a comic (drawn) to go along with some of this year's story material. I've always been interested in sci-fi, and in truth lego has only been one extention of my ideas. I figure it should be some good practice if I want to do something along the same lines after all that edumacation stuff.

That might take a while though, as I'm also trying to make up a logo for a friend's band. Vector art! It should look pretty hots when it's done, but it'll take some good'ol hard work as well. On top of this, I'm try to work some concept work for another friend's half-life mod. So I've got my plate full; in fact I've just ruined the table on which that plate was sitting....oh poo.

Keep checkin' back for more!