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08 August 2006 @ 10:57 am
They Never Got You.  
A lot's been happening over the past weeks. Seen a friend I haven't seen in many months, got my G1, and might soon have a job! Today's entry is an older one...not too old, but not new. Andrew Horvartits made this a while back. He's an awesome builder, his creations are always new and nothing seems repeatitive or reused. I think this was his first stab at microscale space, and with help from people on flickr it turned out nicely.

First of all, I love the use of Toa feet as engines. Older bionicle feet seem to be perfect for engines. The little detachable fighters are neat too, in fact I used the idea on my Titanus. This ship is really a good hunk of greeble. The colour scheme can be patchy, but that doesn't seem to phaze this at all, it still pulls through with a clunky industrial style.